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About The Power of Presentation Book

A vital guide to delivering compelling business presentations

Everyone gets nervous when they are in the spotlight. Whether talking to a small group of colleagues or presenting at a conference to hundreds, public speaking can be scary!


In The Power of Presentation, Tommy Re, founder of Vital Talent, shares his experience as a training and development professional and former Broadway actor to help you become a more successful presenter. 


Good communicators make the vague clear, the abstract concrete and the complex simple.

Tommy Re

Author of The Power of Presentation

About the author

Tommy Re

President and Founder of Vital Talent  |

Tommy is passionate about helping organizations thrive by working with them to identify and develop the talents of individual contributors, leaders and teams. He works with executives and line of business leaders to identify barriers to high performance and to design appropriate talent solutions that lead to individual and organizational success.

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Get Your Copy

The Power of Presentation is available for purchase as a paperback or Kindle eBook. 

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Tamara Ziegler

Director, Global Talent Development & Training

Worldwide Clinical Trials

"Presenting effectively is one of the keys to career advancement. Don't wait to learn how to do it well. Let Tommy show you how."

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