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About The Author

Tommy is passionate about helping organizations thrive by working with them to identify and develop the talents of individual contributors, leaders and teams. He works with executives and line of business leaders to identify barriers to high performance and to design appropriate talent solutions that lead to individual and organizational success.

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Tommy's Story

Tommy brings a diverse background and base of experience to the solution development process.  He has spent 30 years working in the field of organizational development and training. As a consultant he has worked with leading companies including Amgen, Biogen, Novo Nordisk, Marriott, Kite Pharma, Atara Bio, BPL, Lutron, Microporous, Worldwide Clinical Trials, and others.

In addition to his consulting experience, he has held senior leadership roles in operating companies as the Chief People Officer for Lonesource, a business supply company and senior sales executive for TRG, a technology training company.

He holds a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Seton Hall University and has been on the teaching staff of the University of Phoenix where he taught public speaking. He is a frequent guest speaker on leadership in the MSW program at NC State University. His book, The Power of Presentation: A Vital Guide to Delivering Compelling Business Presentations, will be out in Fall 2022.

He is also a volunteer consultant for the Executive Service Corp of the Triangle. A non-profit that provides organizational development consulting and training services to the area’s non-profit organizations.

He began his career as a professional actor appearing on Broadway in the Tony Award winning original production of A Chorus Line.


Let's talk about how you can become a powerful presenter.  


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