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The Power of Presentation is available for purchase as a paperback or Kindle eBook. 

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Harness the Power of Presentions!

Everyone gets nervous when they’re in the spotlight. Whether talking to a small group of colleagues or presenting at a conference to hundreds, speaking in public can be scary! Tommy Re, founder of Vital Talent, has spent his career helping people learn to give great presentations. He’s seen nervousness sink even the best presenters, leaving their audiences confused, unmotivated, and uninspired. Tommy knows, however, that through proper preparation, expert audience analysis, and solid executive presence, a presenter can dazzle their audience. As a former Broadway performer, Tommy’s no stranger to the spotlight, and with his help, you too can feel more confident taking center stage.


Based on Tommy’s experience as a leadership coach and his life on the stage, The Power of Presentation will help even the most nervous public speakers create effective and empowering business presentations. He’ll guide you through what you need to do to deliver presentations that inform colleagues, influence stakeholders, and inspire teams to success. With anecdotes from his own life as well as fictionalized characters, Tommy pulls back the curtain on how to craft and deliver presentations that demand a standing ovation. So, places please — your audience awaits!

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